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RF Measurement / Analysis

電磁界解析ソフト(HFSS) 多ピン解析(例)

Actual Measurement / Analysis Data (Examples)


In RF measurement above 20 GHz, the influence of the measurement fixture cannot be ignored, so we have developed a dedicated measurement fixture in-house to minimize the influence.The results of actual measurement and analysis are consistent and highly reputed by our customers.

We can also send you the actual and simulated Touch stone file (.sNp) so that you can check the waveform and Eye-Pattern when connected to your devices.

We basically measure and analyze GND-Signal-GND arrays, but we can also flexibly conduct multi-pin and X-talk analysis according to customer requests.

Since the probe is affected by devices, it is important to be matched to customer PCB impedance. We can get the information of the PCB from the customer and bring the impedance of the probe closer, so please consult with us.