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Basic Information

What is Microcontactor?

Microcontactor is the products using a new structure precision probe developed by NHK Spring.

They are used to test the electrical characteristics of semiconductor wafers and packages. Products are manufactured in our own factory and can be custom-designed to meet our customer needs.

What is Semiconductor Test Fixture?

Semiconductor test is the process of applying electricity to a semiconductor product to check if it works properly. Semiconductor Test Equipment is used in the test. Input signals are generated based on a test program created for each inspecting semiconductor products, and are compared with the output signals (expected values). Test is performed after the circuit is generated on the semiconductor wafer, called front-end process, and after the semiconductor product is assembled, called back-end process.

Semiconductor Test Fixture serves as a connection between semiconductor products and semiconductor testing equipment. NHK Spring provides probe cards (probe heads) for front-end processes and test sockets for back-end processes to semiconductor product manufacturers and related companies around the world.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes & MC Products

microcontactor テストソケット プローブカード