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Uses an independently developed, uniquely structured precision probe.

Uses our original thin probe which boasts high reliability in various unit structures created from a wealth of experience

Using proprietary precision processing technology, probe units can be fabricated from 45μ pitch (four stage staggered array) to 150μ pitch (lattice array). We provide units that can fully meet your company's needs with high accuracy and high performance.

Characteristics of the NHK Spring probing unit

Product presentation

Probe unit for FPD (flat panel display)

TFT, low temperature Poly-Si, organic EL, other

•Narrow pitch accommodation: 50μm pitch available (staggered array)
•High accuracy: Probe pin tip positional accuracy range within 30μm.
•High durability: High durability achieved with the proprietary probe pin

Probe unit for package substrate and TAB scan

O/S scan such as ceramic package, plastic package, TAB tape, COF, and PCB

•Narrow pitch accommodated: Series 0.15mm-
•High accuracy: Probe pin tip positional accuracy range within 30μm
•High durability: Uses proprietary, high durability material
•Vertical type pipeless probe: Low weight achieved, resistance is stable, and replacement is easy

Full wafer probe card

Wafer batch contact type probe card: accommodates up to 12"

•Also accommodates WLBI
•CTE compliant material used in unit housing
•Also suitable for batch contact at room temperature

Probe card for wafer scan

Probe to scan electrical properties of wafer chips after dicing

•Supports area array (C4, FlipChip, UBM)
•Stable resistance achieved regardless of contact frequency

Test socket

PGA, BGA, LGA, QFP, QFN, etc.: Sockets for handler/manual test

•Low resistance, low inductance achieved
•Improved durability by means of proprietary technology
•Also supports large current, RF measurement, Kelvin management, and lead free

Probe card for package TAB scan

Function test for TCP and COF such as LCD driver

•Offers multi-test by utilization of vertical probe
•Maintenance possible by user


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