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HDD-related Products

HDD suspensions

These products support the elements that read and write information on magnetic disks.

TSA suspensions

The Triple Stage Actuator (TSA) is a product for ultra-large capacity HDDs with fine actuators mounted at the tip and center to control the read/write position with higher precision.

CLA suspensions

The Co-Located Actuator (CLA) is a micro actuator mounted on the tip of the product to control the read/write position with high precision. We are the world's first company to mass-produce the CLA, and are responding to the needs for higher speed and capacity HDDs.

DSA suspensions

The Dual Stage Actuator (DSA) has a small actuator mounted in the center of the product, and enables high speed and high precision positioning of the element to read and write the increasingly microscopic magnetic information.

Top Cover

This is a cover for HDDs that combines a press-formed metal plate with a resin gasket and anti-vibration plate. The product has a high-precision flatness to maintain the airtightness of the case.

Disk Clamps

High-precision press parts that fix HDD magnetic disks with the force of thin plate springs (disk fixation area flatness: 20 micrometer or less).

Base Plates/Dummy Heads

High precision stamped parts used for HDD suspension assembly (flatness: 10micrometer or less, hole diameter tolerance: ±0.01micrometer).

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