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HDD-related Products


These are precision springs that support magnetic heads for data reading and recording with high precision and high reliability.


Dual Stage Actuator (DSA) suspension for large capacity HDDs. Small actuator is installed at the center part of the product. Enables faster reading and writing element of miniaturizing magnetic information and highly accurate positioning.


Ultra-large capacity Co-Located Actuator (CLA) suspensions for HDDs. Ultra-small actuator installed at the tip of the product. World first mass production of CLA to respond to the increasing needs of higher speed and higher capacity HDDs.

Top cover

This product has high precision flatness to keep the case airtight.

Disk clamps

The ring that immobilizes the disk Parts that touch the disk have a high precision flat finish.

VCM yokes

These are parts of the actuator that move the magnetic head to data record and read positions.

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