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Data Communications and Semiconductor Device related Products

Test Socket

Using our original micro springs and MC probes, these are highly durable products that are also lead-free. It is used for inspection of finished semiconductor products.

Probe card

This is a 12inch probe card that enables batch contact of wafers. It is used for inspection in the semiconductor manufacturing process.

Wire springs/Precision fabricated products

These are precision parts used in information equipment and electronic components.

Lock hinge

This is a screen angle adjustment unit for laptop PCs, etc.

Highly bonded products

Aluminum cooling plate

With thermal spraying for etching equipment and electrostatic chucks, this product supports the semiconductor manufacturing process as a temperature-controllable product.

Shower head

It supports semiconductor manufacturing processes as a temperature-controllable product for deposition and etching equipment.

Ceramic Springs

It has excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance, non-magnetic properties, electrical insulation, and abrasion resistance, and has been adopted in a wide range of industries for use in fuel cells, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and vacuum equipment.

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