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Machine-readable Hologram System “VISCS”

Advanced anti-counterfeiting technology "Machine checkable holograms"
Machine readable hologram VISCS

Security of the technology was rated as "Extremely high security against counterfeiting" by Arthur D Little Inc., an American consulting firm.

Overview of VISCS

(KEY-VISCS concept)

VISCS (Visual Integrated Security Check System) is a machine-recognition hologram system developed by NHK Spring to prevent counterfeiting.
This system includes the VISCS hologram product and a specialized sensor. Not limited to merely visually determining the presence of a hologram, the specialized sensor reads data formed via the hologram to reliably determine validity.
The VISCS hologram product's versatility means that we can create a variety of products depending on the application.

Principles of VISCS

Characteristics of VISCS

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