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VISCS Hologram

Machine Readable Security Lineup
VISCS Hologram

Various types of machine readable hologram VISCS are available depending on applications.


A fixed number (code) is input on a single hologram. In addition, patterns and logos can be printed on the same hologram. It is effective in authenticating products, packages, tickets, etc.


A stripe of randomly arrayed VISCS code is transcribed to a card. It is compared with magnetic data and authenticated with encryption.


The VISCS read component is concealed with a pattern.


The S-VISCS read component is concealed with a pattern.


Any number (code) can be attached on the hologram. It is suitable for applications that require individual identification for ID and serial number.


It is a KEY type application of I-VISCS. Compared to other metal keys or magnetic cards, duplication, forgery or counterfeiting are difficult, and also its merit is that an ID can be read.

**Product specifications may be changed without prior notice. Inquire at NHK Spring for details.

*Please note that the product images may differ slightly from the actual products due to problems with picture resolution and color tone.

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