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Structural Analysis

We perform structural analysis of piping systems, framed structures, devices, equipment and buildings.
Structural analysis is used in strength assessment and vibration situation studies when a load is placed from inside or outside on structures like those above.
NHK Spring together with structural analysis services, suggests optimal specs for structures and provides support design services.

Framed structure analysis

Through strength analysis of framed structures, we assess whether selection of components and spans are appropriate.

Structural analysis of support members

Large reaction force is produced at the anchor point of piping systems due to heat expansion and contraction, and earthquakes.
To verify the soundness of support and the soundness of piping, we perform detailed analysis that material mechanics is incapable of – analysis using the finite element method.

Insulation support (anchor type) for low temperature piping

Model diagram

Analysis results, status of deformation and stresses produced

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