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Seismic Analysis

Earthquakes can cause terminal damage to mechanical structures starting with piping systems, as seen in recent years in the Great Hanshin Earthquake. NHK Spring provides seismic analysis services and support design services as countermeasures to verify and assure soundness of those structures.

In the Great Hanshin Earthquake, not only buildings and civil engineering works, but as seen in photographs, construction equipment and factory facilities also suffered great damage. The danger of a Tokai earthquake or Tonankai or Nankai earthquake is said to be imminent. 

Aren't countermeasures needed now?

  • Cooling tower
  • Water tank
  • Precision equipment
  • Piping system

Based on experience acquired in piping support design such as for nuclear power plants, NHK Spring provides assistance with seismic countermeasures for plant facilities, building equipment and various types of equipment.

Diagnostic services (Seismic assessment)

1. Determination of stability

Study possibilities of toppling for facilities with high centers of gravity.

2. Seismic analysis

Perform earthquake simulations with any of the following methods.

3. Strength investigation and assessment

Perform assessment of the analysis results and assessment of the strength of bolts etc. in accordance with the following types of standards.

[Analysis Example]

  • Glove box
  • Press machine
  • Blower
  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • Various equipment for refuse disposal facilities

Seismic design services

We provide the following design services based on analysis results.

  • Toppling prevention, fall prevention
  • Design of anchors and stoppers
  • Earthquake resistant reinforcement
  • Setting and review of appropriate die steel size
  • Bracing addition
  • Setting and review of appropriate plate thickness

Furnishing seismic resistant and vibration mitigating equipment

  • Rigid hanger
  • Spring type vibration absorber
  • Hydraulic type vibration absorber
  • Mechanical type vibration absorber
  • Struts
  • Frames
  • Stoppers

Seismic analysis of steel framed structures

The figure shows a mode deformation diagram of large-scale frame bearing equipment and pipes at a certain plant.

Seismic analysis of steel framed building

The figure shows shaking due to earthquake of a three story residence with a steel framed building.

Seismic analysis of equipment

The figure shows the analysis model by means of the finite method analysis for a semiconductor manufacturing machine.

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