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Golf Shafts, Metal Bats

Starting with golf shafts that have a world class top share, we develop and produce sports goods such as metal bats. Especially our lightweight steel shafts have received excellent reviews and are used by the top world pros.

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In the golf industry, we have lined up a wide range of weights of steel shafts from the N.S. PRO MODUS3 which is a favorite of tour pros both domestic and foreign to the N.S. PRO Zelos7, the lightest in the world, and the N.S. PRO Regio formula series carbon shafts which pursue more distance, we are expanding our opportunities as the sole general shaft maker in Japan.
In addition, in the baseball industry we are known as a manufacturer of metal bats, and with a broad lineup from Little League to hardball and softball we are used by many companies.

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