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S-HOLOX Card Terminal

Machine Readable Security Lineup
S-HOLOX Card Terminal

By comparison of magnetic data and VISCS data, it performs card authentication, achieving high security entry control.
*S-HOLOX: The read components of S-VISCS is concealed in a pattern (HOLOX).



Entry control to high security areas
→ Can distinguish security levels when combined with a magnetic card terminal.

Product Specifications

Specification item S-HOLOX magnetic card reader
Display Three (power, comparison, lock) 2-color light emitting LED lights (green, red)
Buzzer, speaker (control from host)
Memory function ID registration: 1,000 items, History control: 1000 items
Backup Approx. 9 years (lithium battery)
Communication ports RS-232C, RS-485 (separate consultation on protocol)
Supported electric key Instantaneous energization locking and unlocking type, unlocking during energization type, motor locking and unlocking type, auto door
Input and output For electric lock input and output, other input: 2 points, Output: 4 points
Power supply DC24V (DC12 to 24V when not using electric lock)
Ambient temperature range -10℃ to 55℃
Ambient humidity range 10% to 90%RH (No condensation)
Attachment method Wall surface exposed or embedded installation (JIS drip proof standards)
Size H120× W162×D52mm (D15mm when embedded)
Weight Approx. 560g

*Product specifications may be changed without prior notice. Inquire of those in charge at NHK Spring for details.

*Please note that the product images may differ slightly from the actual products due to problems with picture resolution and color tone.

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