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Railroad Related Products

Tension Balancer for Railroad

Compact and maintenance-free spring-type tension balancer for railroads. It keeps the tension of the overhead line that supplies electricity to the pantograph constant.


A brancher is an important device to branch cars safely.
Sumihatsu Co., Ltd. handles from design, manufacture to assembly of branchers, and has supplied them to many customers.

Grid Tie Branchers

NHK Spring and East Japan Railway Co. have jointly developed grid ties with ladder structure that use NHK Spring's synthetic ties, for the purpose of preventing non-switching and to reduce maintenance on brancher points.
Constructed for all railroad companies including design of grid tie branchers.

Rail Fastening Device

The rail fastening device is used for a wide range of purposes such as the Shinkansen, conventional railways, cranes, and elevators.
Sumihatsu Co., Ltd. manufactures rail fastening parts using leaf springs and wire springs, and supplies customers inside and outside Japan.

Synthetic Ties

The synthetic tie (metal molded) is reinforced with glass fiber impregnated in unsaturated polyester using urethane resin foam.
Currently, branchers delivered to customers have received high evaluations for reduction of noise and vibration.

Inquiries to: Sumihatsu Co., Ltd.

(Branchers, grid tie branchers, rail fastening devices, synthetic ties)

Our main businesses include plate spring business, coil spring business and railroad track business. We continue to offer high quality, high added value products.

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