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Spring Mechanism Products

Metal bellows/Gas cushion

These are bellows for vacuum devices and high endurance gas cushions for presses.

Pulse absorbing accumulator

This is a high endurance, maintenance free product to absorb hydraulic pulses.

Disc springs

This spring is used in mechanical devices and the construction field to bear large loads in small spaces.

Balance units

This switching unit is compact, and uses springs to ensure safety and light operational effort.

Disc springs to prevent loosening

Loosening of bolts is one thing that is always a problem. NHK Spring has responded to customer needs by making a series of disc springs to control tightness as a tool to eliminate loosening of bolts. We make disc springs with die molding in optimal shapes to prevent loosening of bolts, and offer them at low prices. Use them instead of washers or spring washers.

High strength disc springs TERA

The NHK Spring TERA high strength disc springs greatly expand the capabilities of a spring disc.

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