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Spring Mechanism Products

Metal Bellows for Medical Applications

The metal bellows itself is originally a component for pressure storage, pulsation and shock pressure absorption, in fluid systems. As an application example, the large surface area is used as a heat exchange medium in artificial heart-lung machines to control the temperature of blood.

Disc Springs

These springs can support large loads in a small space and are used in the fields of machinery and construction.

Balance Unit

This unit is compact and has the operability to lift heavy lids easily by spring action, while ensuring a high level of safety.

Anti-loosening Disc Springs

Disc springs for tightening control that prevent bolts from loosening. To meet the customers' requirements, we manufacture disc springs of the most suitable shape by mold forming and provide them at low cost. They can be used as substitutes for washers and spring washers.

High-strength Disc Spring TERA

We have developed a high-strength disc spring that greatly expands the possibilities of disc springs (product name: TERA). It has been adopted by many domestic manufacturers' machine tools.

Ceramic Springs

It has excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance, non-magnetic properties, electrical insulation, and abrasion resistance, and has been adopted in a wide range of industries for use in fuel cells, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and vacuum equipment.

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