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Machine Readable Fiber

Overview of FibeCrypt

FibeCrypt is an anti-counterfeiting machine readable fiber system independently developed by NHK Spring.
The product consists of special FibeCrypt fiber, and a dedicated sensor, the FibeCrypt is incorporated into paper or card media in the manufacturing phase, then the FibeCrypt pattern is read with the dedicated sensor, which securely distinguishes between counterfeit and genuine.
That is, each medium has a unique FibeCrypt Logo pattern like a fingerprint.

Principles of FibeCrypt

Characteristics of FibeCrypt

Applications of FibeCrypt

It can be employed for a variety of anti-counterfeiting/forgery in a broad field.

Such as various types of card systems, ID systems, tradable coupons, and passports

Value Charge System

Can be used for one-time prepaid cards for electric power supply, gas supply and broadcast reception, etc.


Serves for anti-counterfeiting/forgery of tradable coupons such as gift certificates, merchandise coupons, and tickets with combinations of bar codes and OCR characters.

Ballot ID card system

Prevents multiple voting and corruption.


Used in various types of identification papers with portrait photos represented by proof of nationality.

Network access

Combined with SmartCards, it can be used for personal authentication when accessing networks.

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