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Vibration-proof, Seisemic Resistant Design

NHK Spring will assist you with vibration control for equipment and structures.
We provide vibration isolation and earthquake resistance design by taking advantage of vibration analysis and vibration testing together with spring technologies we have acquired over many years.

Vibration isolation

When machinery such as machine tools, engines, turbines, motors, compressors and pumps are operated on beds that support them, vibration and noise due to periodic forces produced by operation of the machinery are transmitted, but the transmission rate can be lowered by setting damping with suitable springs on their bases.

At NHK Spring we offer mesh springs that combine elastic and damping performance for vibration isolation.

Mesh springs are a product made from stainless steel wire woven into mesh shape and compression molded. The spring does not decompose like rubber due to hardening, and resists rust because it is made from stainless steel.
It is suitable for use in harsh environments such as coastal plants, nuclear power stations and ships.

  • Mesh springs
  • Mesh springs application example

Also, in the piping of plants, other than the mechanical vibrations transmitted from rotary machinery such as pumps, compressors and turbines, there are impacts and vibrations caused by sudden opening and closing of valves, and the phenomenon called surging of a two layer fluid.

NHK Spring provides and designs steel clamps, plastic clamps, aluminum clamps and spring type vibration absorbers using mesh springs as a means to mitigate these vibrations (noises).

  • Plastic clamps
  • Aluminum clamp usage example

Seisemic resistance

At NHK Spring hydraulic vibration absorbers and mechanical snappers (mechanical vibration absorbers) are available as a means of protecting equipment structures from destruction such as piping system and tanks that allow moderate operations such as heat transmission but demonstrate resistance (damping force) against sudden motion such as seismic motion.

We will select suitable vibration absorbers by analysis of target structures.

Snapper (damper) usage example

  • Mechanical snapper
  • Hydraulic vibration absorber
  • Mechanical snapper

NHK Spring will offer suitably strong earthquake resistant designs found by dynamic analysis of behavior of structures due to seismic motion.

Seismic isolator

Seismic isolators for machinery

This is optimal for seismic isolation of heavy loads.

We provide design services for a variety of vibration isolators, damping devices and seismic isolators depending on the installation environment and site.

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