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Example of usage 1: Design of automotive seat frames

Quantatively find the degree of effect of structural components of automotive seat frames on impact response by means of an estimation equation and sensitivity coefficient.

Example of usage 2: Study formulation to improve the physical properties of Thermalon (SPF-F foam)

At the Industrial Machinery and Equipment Division of NHK Spring, we have developed Thermalon, with excellent recycling efficiency, flexibility and feel, as a replacement for urethane.

An experiment was performed following software instructions with factors such as amount of resin and additives used. Where property values were measured using a derived estimation optimal solution, the difference between calculation and actual measurement was very small and we found we could apply it to formula estimation. In addition, we were able to complete the study of optimization in a shorter time than before.

Example of usage 3: Optimization of ceramic additive

This is an example of optimizing the composition of ceramic additive (binder) for the purpose of reducing pore defects in ceramic.

Example of usage 4: Optimal design of cantilever beam

Find the shape where weight becomes minimum while stress of each part of the cantilever beam satisfies ≦150MPa, and compare with the beam of average strength.

Example of usage 5: Optimal design of round rubber switch

Obtained with optimization the design parameters for a round rubber switch so that maximum reactive force, which is the performance index of operation feeling, is kept in the prescribed range and cost (weight of material) is minimized.

Example of usage 6: Optimization of press-fit type connector

Press-fit type connector that is used to immobilize an electronic device on a substrate requires miniaturization and insertion force. In this example, we performed optimization to reduce insertion force of the connector.

Example of usage 7: Optimization of reinforcing components for automotive collision safety design

Using DesignDirector in optimization for automotive collision safety design, we enabled quantative analysis of the collision phenomenon for non-linear dynamic problems that are difficult to handle in the discipline of optimization. As a result, while suppressing the amount of cabin deformation in the offset collision, the weight could be reduced for reinforcing components used in the front cabin.

Example of usage 8: Engine mount optimization system by means of response surface methodology

An optimization system was configured using DesignDirector for the purpose of optimizing vibration properties involving the engine mount in the initial design stage. By keeping the parameter study to the minimum necessary using DesignDirector in creation of response surface and optimization calculation, even designers not familiar with analysis can study optimal spring constant and position in a short time.

Example of usage 9: Optimal design of AWG wavelength multiplexer/demultiplexer

In wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) which enables one optic fiber to transmit a large amount of information, the AWG wavelength multiplexer/demultiplexer (hereafter AWG) is the device that plays a critical role by bundling light of different wavelengths, and separating each wavelength. At NHK Spring, DesignDirector is used for the purpose of minimizing scattering loss of light from the AWG, and we succeeded in development of an AWG wavelength multiplexer/demultiplexer with remarkably small loss.

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