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Anti-Counterfeit Hologram Label “Trustgram”

Anti-Counterfeit Hologram Label “Trustgram”

Trustgram is a completely new security device that records holograms in materials having special optical characteristics. In addition to the hologram's original function of anti-counterfeiting,
it has 1) Color shift function that changes color depending on the angle of view, 2) Easy authentication function that uses a handy viewer in a convenient card size, and 3) Machine authentication function with a dedicated sensor.

Regulations (*1) were enacted in China targeting all technologies and products used to perform authentication. To use anti-counterfeiting products domestically in China, such products need to be registered. If unregistered anti-counterfeiting products are used, the user will receive corrective orders, and might be subjected to administrative punishment such as fines.

Because the NHK Spring Trustgram and Altattex have been registered, there will be no charges.
(Anti-Counterfeit Product Registration Number: ZC110019)

*1. "Measures on Administration and Supervision of Anti-Counterfeit Products" and "Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Measures on Administration and Supervision of Anti-counterfeit Products"


Authenticate by looking
through the viewer

Color print type

This is a partially transparent Trustgram. This is a new product further enhancing the anti-counterfeiting performance of the past product (TG-80).

1. Color shift effect that changes the color of special materials depending on the angle of view

2. Authentication is made with the handy viewer

By looking with the handy viewer, anybody can easily distinguish counterfeit from genuine.

Right side window ()The hologram pattern can be seen
Left side window () The hologram pattern becomes invisible.

Only the Trustgram makes this kind of change with the handy viewer.

3. Machine authentication with dedicated sensor

By using the dedicated sensor, a large volume of Trustgrams can be authenticated automatically, accurately, and quickly.

4. Difficult to reuse labels due to delamination fractures

It is very difficult to reuse labels because there will be delamination fractures due to the easily fractured material, strong adhesive, and many incisions.

5. Optional laser marking is available

Because laser marking of serial numbers, etc., is possible, an authentication system with excellent traceability can be introduced.

TG-80N Transparent type

Affixing TG-80N to photos, company logos and bar codes on passports or employee IDs, etc., is not only effective for anti-counterfeiting, but also effective against alterations. Also, because it is transparent, you can use it even in cases where design and affixing point are restricted.

TG-80F Transfer foil type

TG-80F is Trustgram transferred onto a label of a different material. Because the Trustgram is transferred to only part of the label, freedom of design increases, and other security devices such as printing can be incorporated.

High Grade Trustgram

TG-120 High Performance Grade increased authentication performance with the handy viewer.
TG-160 High Security Grade enables even higher authentication compared to other Trustgrams.

All Trustgrams allow distinction between counterfeit and genuine using the common handy viewer.

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