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Electric Related Products

Integrated Metal Substrate

These printed wiring boards have high thermal conductivity utilizing metal properties, and can be integrally processed with a chassis.

Metal Base Printed Wiring Boards

Aluminum Substrates

Excellent heat dissipation
With excellent thermal conductivity, these aluminum substrates can prevent temperature of surface mounted components and substrates themselves from rising. These are best suited for hybrid IC and substrates for power sources.

Excellent workability
Bending and raising are possible. Substrates and chassis can be integrated.

High density wiring
Two layers on one side can be formed on the entire surface or partially to achieve high functionality.

Shield quality
Because the base is metal, these substrates have excellent shield quality. A broad range of design is possible such as use for equipment that dislikes electromagnetic interference.

Steel Substrates

Various plate thickness
With galvanized steel sheet, plate thickness of 0.5 to 1.6mm is possible.

Special machining is possible (rose counter sinking)
It is our special machining technique which countersinks a metal substrate by press working instead of the usual cutting. Our metalworking and press working technique, productivity of counter sinking process can be significantly improved.

Other Metal Substrates

In addition to aluminum and iron, we provide various metal substrates such as copper based substrate and stainless steel substrate, to respond to customers' needs. As features of a metal substrate, not only having properties of its base metal, it can be used by deformation processing the base metal. It can be also used as a three-dimensional wiring board by using general metalworking such as bending (bent substrate), raising, step processing.

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