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Altattex is an anti-counterfeiting device using ink that has special optical characteristics.
It can be used as a brand label directly sewn onto textile goods.

Regulations (*1) were enacted in China targeting all technologies and products used to perform authentication. To use anti-counterfeiting products domestically in China, such products need to be registered. If unregistered anti-counterfeiting products are used, the user will receive corrective orders, and might be subjected to administrative punishment such as fines.

Because the NHK Spring Trustgram and Altattex have been registered, there will be no charges. (Anti-Counterfeit Product Registration Number: ZC110019)

*1. "Measures on Administration and Supervision of Anti-Counterfeit Products" and "Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Measures on Administration and Supervision of Anti-counterfeit Products"


This is a type of ALTATTEX that is used by sewing onto the product.

1. Authentication is made with the Tex-viewer

By viewing with the Tex-viewer with a convenient card size, the color of components printed with special ink changes, enabling easy distinction between counterfeit and genuine.

Right side window() Component printed with special ink is green
Left side window() Component printed with special ink isorange


Thermocompression bonded type of ALTATTEX-P

Because it is directly thermocompression bonded to fabric, texture is good, also because there are no concerns about crimping or fraying from sewing, it finishes beautifully.

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