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Products for Automotive Suspension Springs

Coil Springs

Springs used as suspension for passenger vehicles and trucks; Materials and/or shapes will be different by purposes.

Bonded Insulators

Protecting end turn, by bonding rubber insulators.Prevent peel out painted layers, by biting mud and/or gravel.

Leaf Springs

Mainly used for suspension of trucks and buses.

Tapered Leaf Springs

By changing the leaf thickness from the center of the spring to both ends, for even stress on leaf.

GFRP Leaf Springs

Using GFRP as the material, the weight is reduced by about 60% compared to steel material.

Stabilizer Bars

This is a spring that prevents the car from leaning when cornering. Some are made of high-strength materials or hollowed pipes for the purpose of weight reduction.

Bonding Bushes

By bonding the bushings to the stabilizer, it prevent from wear, corrosion and noise caused by muddy water and gravel.

Stabilizer links

Hot Caulking

Connect the stabilizer to the left and right suspensions. Lower cost is achieved by reducing the number of parts.

Housing Caulking

Connect the stabilizer to the left and right suspensions. Unique structure greatly improves ball stud dislodging load.


The metal bellows prevents gas leaks and provides high reliability. It has a wide range of pulsation absorption performance without hysteresis.

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