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Products for Automotive Seating, Interiors and Exteriors

Sporty automotive seating

These are automotive seats with superior comfort and excellent safety.

Air suspension seats

These seats are for large trucks with an automatic height adjustment function that absorbs vibrations from the floor using pneumatic springs and dampers.

One motor power automotive seating

The electric power seat mechanism can slide, lift and recline the seat with a single motor.

Axis lock for arm rest

This product can adjust the arm rest of the seat to the desired angle.

Super seal/sheet

These products are made of special foam polyurethane to waterproof the Interiors and Exteriors of cars, for vibration isolation and for sound proofing.

Screws and bolts

With consideration to fastening characteristics and reduced weight, we have various products to suit various environments, the parts to be bonded and the purpose. Whilst the leading use is in automobiles, the screws and bolts are also used in other products such as home applicances, building materials and boats.

Inquire at: Topura Co., Ltd.

We have a wide variety of screws and bolts developed manufactured and sold globally.
Based on our motto's are "Quality First" (whatever we do, quality first) and "Time to market" (promptly provide good products to the market)
We meet the needs of all customers adequately on that basis.

Control cables

Control cable is an abbreviated name for FLEXIBLE REMOTE CONTROL CABLE, which plays an intermediary role in the accurate remote control transmission of operations done by hand between places separated by distance. These cables are used in various places in automobiles such as parking brakes and hoodlock release.

Inquire at:NHK FLEX Co., Ltd.

With automotive control cables as our main product, we design, produce and sell automotive parts and general industrial equipment. We supply high quality and high performance products at competitive prices that will satisfy customers and the market.

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