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Products Related to the Electrification of Automobiles

Motor Cores

This is a drive motor core for EV and HEV. It consists of the iron core of the rotating part (rotor) and the fixed part (stator) of the motor.

Spring Grid Array

It is a sheet spring consisting of several hundred small leaf springs. In addition to pressurization, it can be used as a heat transfer and conduction path.

Integrated Metal Substrate

A printed wiring board with excellent heat dissipation characteristics. It is a key component that supports the electronics of products.

Examples of applications

It has excellent heat dissipation properties and is mainly used for in-vehicle components. By combining our original insulating layer with metal processing and press work, we are able to meet various requirements.


Series of High Heat Dissipation/Resistance

Automotive Semiconductor Modules (Application Examples)

Low Elasticity Series

Automotive LED headlights (application examples)

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