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We have established basic policies on procurement, and we encourage green procurement according to our own guidelines.

Basic procurement policies

We follow three basic principles in procurement: building longterm partnerships based on mutual trust; fair, equitable and open procurement; and compliance with the law and maintaining confidentiality.

CSR Procurement Guideline

Recent social trends expect companies to strengthen their activities on social responsibility as a company (CSR), triggered by corporate scandals, employment and labor issues becoming more obvious due to financial crisis, and environmental issues. Therein, we ask all of our partners to understand our CSR activities and strive to fulfill CSR not only at NHK Spring but also throughout the entire supply chain. We formulated the CSR Procurement Guideline as part of these activities.

Green procurement

We have established Green Procurement Guidelines based on our basic procurement policy, which means that we try to buy low environmental impact products from organizations that care for the environment. With the cooperation of all of our partners, we are reducing the environmental burden including waste, while promoting management of substances that impact the environment throughout every stage from the design to the production and disposal of products.

The content was fully updated in October 2018 as contact in the supply chain of chemical substances and legal compliance overseas becomes more and more important.

NHK Spring Group Partners Meeting

Our Group invites representatives from our partners to hold NHK Group Partners Meetings once a year. We explain our fiscal policies, challenges we need to address and other aspects of our business to foster understand and cooperation in strengthening the relationships with each partner company another level.

The Procurement Division describes our business environment and our basic approach to purchasing policy. The Engineering Division explains our policies and targets for quality and how the manufacturing divisions as well as business divisions are dealing with quality, seeking cooperation in improving quality.

NHK Spring Group Partners Meeting held to strengthen relationships with each partner company
NHK Spring Group Partners Meeting held to strengthen relationships with each partner company

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