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Shareholders and investors

We believe that timely disclosure of the position and finances of NHK Spring is the key to support from shareholders and investors over the long term, and we strive to implement this.

Shareholder information and breakdown of shareholdings

Inquiries from shareholders are handled by the General Affairs Department. (Shareholder Register Custodian is Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Bank)

The graph below shows the breakdown of shareholders.

■Breakdown of shareholdings (As of March 31, 2018)

FY2017 Return of profit

Performance in fiscal 2017 is available in the Financial Highlight (P8-11). Dividends for this term were ¥23 per share (yearly) to continue long-term stable payout to all of the shareholders.

■Change in amount of dividends paid

Dissemination of IR Information

NHK Spring Kyushu and Faurecia-NHK Kyushu held a plant tour for security analysts and institutional investors in April 2018.

The participants toured a plant dedicated to the production of automotive suspension springs utilizing IoT and coverings for automotive seats while deepening their understanding about NHK Spring.

Participants touring the corner to introduce products of NHK Spring Kyushu
Participants touring the corner to introduce products of NHK Spring Kyushu

URL of Investor Information page

Disclosing information for investors

We hold briefings for analysts and institutional investors after the release of our half-yearly and full year accounts. In fiscal 2017, we held two briefings in May and November. We will continue to make every effort to release information to analysts and investors.

Briefing after release of accounts
Briefing after release of accounts

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