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Shareholders and investors

We believe that timely information disclosure of the conditions and finances of NHK Spring is the key to be given long-term support from shareholders and investors, and we strive to implement this.

Shareholder information and breakdown of shareholdings

Inquiries from shareholders are handled by the General Affairs Department. (Shareholder Register Custodian is Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Bank)

The graph below shows the breakdown of shareholders.

●Breakdown of shareholdings

FY2019 return of profit

Performance in fiscal 2019 is available in the Financial Highlight 2019 (P40-43). Regarding this year’s dividend, in overall consideration of consolidated business performance, and of the harsh business environment accompanying the worldwide spread of COVID-19, while it is truly regrettable, we have had to reduce the dividend by ¥7 from the previous fiscal year to ¥17.

Meanwhile, in order to increase our capital efficiency, and contribute to shareholder return by implementing an agile capital policy that is responsive to changes in the business environment, our Board of Directors decided in February 2020 on a stock buy-back in which we acquired a total of 3,511 shares of the company’s own stock for ¥2.69 billion.

●Transition in amount of dividends paid

Dissemination of IR information

NHK spring publishes business and NHK Spring reports (Japanese/ English) and releases the latest information through press releases and the corporate website to bring understanding about the company in shareholders and investors. We also strive to provide comprehensive information quickly to everyone from the introduction of NHK Spring businesses and operational changes through illustrations and photographs as well as communicating our core technologies and strengths in an easy-to-understand manner.

URL of Investor Information page

Disclosing information for investors

We hold briefings for analysts and institutional investors after the release of our half-yearly and full year accounts. In fiscal 2019, we held two briefings in May and November. We will continue to make every effort to release information to analysts and investors.

Briefing after release of accounts

Briefing after release of accounts

Financial results briefing May,33companies,57attendees
Nov.,29 companies,54 attendees
Individual interviews 90 times, 103investors

 [Fiscal 2019, results of dialogues with investors]

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