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Attitude Towards Stakeholders

We deliver high quality products and aim to continuously improve delivery times, costs, and customer satisfaction as well.

We believe that timely disclosure of the position and finances of NHK Spring is the key to support from shareholders and investors over the long term, and we strive to implement this.

Our company places great value in our people, NHK Spring considers our employees to be important assets, and we make great effort in hiring and training them. In order to be a company where each employee’s diverse sense of values can play an active role, we aim not only for diversity, but also enrichment through workplace health and safety and employee welfare.

NHK Spring and our Group companies have operations in various areas in Japan and around the world where we hold local community-based activities. The energies of the whole Group are directed to expanding our ties to the local community everywhere.

We have established basic policies on procurement, and we encourage green procurement according to our own guidelines.

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