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Our company places great value in our people, NHK Spring considers our employees to be important assets, and we make great effort in hiring and training them. In order to be a company where each employee’s diverse sense of values can play an active role, we aim not only for diversity, but also enrichment through workplace health and safety and employee welfare.

Human Resource Employment and Development

Basic approach to employment

NHK Spring advocates growth through innovative ideas and practices. We extensively search for employees who have the desire to take on challenges by being unconventional, and overcome problems through teamwork, while maintaining their individuality.

● Ideal Human Resources ●

With regards to diversity of human resources, we have set targets for hiring women and non-Japanese employees and we also promote the hiring of people with disabilities staff through special subsidiary companies. We are also hiring top athletes whose capabilities enable them to excel in diverse fields, and we support their successful engagement.

Human resources development

As part of efforts toward sustainable growth, our human resource development seeks to improve the quality of both our human resources and capability of organization as a whole.

From a human resource standpoint, we begin by fostering an awareness of our corporate philosophy in each and every employee to lay the foundation for them to manifest that philosophy in their own actions. Employees then converse with their senior co-workers about the human resource ideal they should strive to achieve, set capability development goals, and engage in their work toward achieving those goals. The systematic training each person receives includes group training divided by job-ranking, job type and skill level. They also undergo foreign language and cultural training in the context of global business expansion in efforts to elevate each person’s intercultural communication and organizational management competencies. Other training includes inter-group competitive training sessions between different industries, overseas training, correspondence education and a rich array of other learning opportunities.

This is a tripartite human resources development effort, in which individuals working on their own growth are cultivated through the power of an organization with the support of a human resources system. Moving forward, we will apply this effort in our whole company.

Course training hours:250
 [During the first five years]

E-learning course availability:188 courses
 [Sixth to seventh year after joining]

Global HR training:70 hrs. per year


We conduct our own recruiting sessions each year, and we make every effort to send recruitment staff from our Human Resources Department to attend sessions organized by schools. Young employees take part in recruiting sessions as recruiters to create a place for open discussions with students. The students are able to hear directly from the young employees who are actually working at the company to get an idea of the corporate climate and atmosphere at NHK Spring. These activities help bring an image to mind of corporate life after recruitment. We provide information on the recruitment website, and we have a recruitment page at our main website. We are also expanding promotional activities such as putting up advertising posters aimed at new graduates in railway stations.

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, recruiting activities for new college graduates to join the company in April 2021 will not include in-person interviews. Instead, we have published a video introducing the company, and are adopting online interviews. Other ways in which we are working to increase the level of awareness of NHK Spring include a dedicated recruiting page set up at the company website.

Recruitment page URL
Company orientation video published online

Company orientation video published online

Promotion of Better Health

Our company has been certified, for the second consecutive year, as white 500 company (large enterprise category) under the 2021 certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization.

Initiatives to promote better health

NHK Spring believes an enthusiastic workplace where employees can continue to work with a healthy mind and body helps enhance sustainable corporate value. This is why we work in activities to sustain and promote better employee health.

1. Health declaration

The NHK Spring Group promotes health management at each Group company, and believes that promoting the health of employees and their families is vital. Each Group company and health insurance associations work together to advance health promotion measures, and the presidents of these Group companies have jointly signed the NHK Spring Group Health Declaration.

NHK Spring Group Health Declaration

NHK Spring Group Health Declaration

2. Health management/promotion initiatives

NHK Spring Group takes a two-pronged approach to pursuing these activities.

①Physical health maintenance: Support employees in elevating their health self-awareness by implementing health policy measures to enable continued enthusiastic work.

②Mental health: Undertake to create work environments where each and every employee can work full of vigor with both healthy body and mind.

3. Health promotion framework

We set up the Central Health Promotion Council in fiscal 2017 to promote even better health organizationally as a committee under the Central Health and Safety Council, which is the highest authority in promoting health. The council verifies all Group company health policies and measures, and deliberates implementation items.Furthermore, at each business site, we appoint health promotion committee members and health promotion staff to advance various health measures.

Health promotion framework

4. Health promotion targets and results

①Physical health management

①Physical health management

②Mental health

Mental health

Given that the leave rate target was met for two consecutive years beginning in fiscal 2018, the target was changed for fiscal 2020, and we continue activities to reduce the leave rate.

5. Health promotion issues and measures

①Physical health management
Issue: Fostering a mindset among employees of taking personal initiative in caring for their own health

②Mental health
Issue: Having all employees understand mental health problems, and creating workplaces conducive to fulfilling work

●Holding workplace competitive events through the Health Visibility Program

Our physical health measures include a Health Visibility Program based on measurements of walking activity, body composition and blood pressure. The program involves implementing measures to encourage employees to voluntarily become more active through activities they can enjoy. The health promotion staff and nursing staff at each business site have joined together in this program to promote these measures by setting a 20% data measurement ratio and 70% data transmission ratio as an index for evaluation. Every year, we hold a walking event in which employees walk a virtual course in Japan and overseas as well as a point event where employees can enter a prize lottery by earning points according to their frequency of measurements. In fiscal 2019, a total of four events were held, and approximately 1,300 company members joined in a particularly well-attended and enthusiastic interdepartmental pedometer count competition in November 2019 that included a team of NHK Spring Directors.

These kinds of events are useful in stimulating communication while also enabling habits such as walking and measuring to take hold so that we can better understand and improve our health, raising hopes that employees can improve their health and control medical costs as a result.

Top-ranking teams are presented with prizes by health promotion staf

Top-ranking teams are presented with prizes by health promotion staf

●Holding stretching clinics

The stretching clinics are held as part our health promotion measures to ease the stiff shoulders and lower back pain. Kanae Tatsuta (Human Resources Dept.), an NHK Spring athlete employee, participated as an instructor for approximately 20 other employees. After the clinic,images including notes of the lecture’s main points were distributed to attendees, and followup was conducted.

Stretching designed to ease stiff shoulders

Stretching designed to ease stiff shoulders

●Nutritional education in an employee cafeteria

NHK Spring implements health maintenance programs centered on meals through collaboration between our employee cafeterias and public health nurses. Employee cafeterias at each business site display menu item information (calorie, sodium and sugar content, etc.), illustrations of ideal portions, and menus and seasonings with reduced sodium and calorie content. Information for each of these efforts is shared companywide so that all employee cafeterias can be used even more effectively to promote health throughout.

Workplace Health and Safety

Occupational health and safety initiatives

We introduced a Workplace Health and Safety Management System in fiscal 2000, and it was rolled out Company-wide in fiscal 2003. We have taken the following measures to eliminate occupational accidents to achieve zero hazards:

The rate of days lost through injury has been lower than the average for all industry and manufacturing industry in recent years due to the results of these activities.

Going forward, we intend to apply the PDCA cycle to the occupational safety and health management system appropriately for continual further improvement.

●Transition in days lost due to work-related injuries

The rate of days lost is represented by rate of injuries or disasters per one million working hours.

Work-style Innovation

Smart Work Project:
NHK Spring Work-style Innovation

We began the Smart Work Project as a work-style innovation initiative in fiscal 2018 by prioritizing a safe, secure company as well as an enthusiastic and work-friendly environment above all else.

We believe the establishment of an environment which furthers operational efficiency and the active participation of diverse human resources helps the growth of each individual and the development of our company while prioritizing better physical and mental health of employees.

To improve operational efficiency, we use software (RPA) to take advantage of technology to automate some standard work processes conducted on computers, utilize online conferencing systems, and revise meeting structure. We are also running trials of at-home work and flex-time systems without core time to promote work-style flexibility.

We will continue to advance these efforts in the future in order to achieve higher work efficiency.

Work-life balance

At NHK Spring, we have put in place a variety of vacation schemes to help harmonize private life and work. Each year, employees acquire nearly 20 days of paid leave, and also created and environment that makes it easy to take condolence leave, childrearing leave, and family support leave.

Annual paid leave utilization rate:99
[Rate of utilization of 18 or more paid leave days annually as of end of March 2019]
Average number of paid leave days utilized annually:19.3
[As of end of March 2019]

Management-Labor Relations

Active communication between labor and management

NHK Spring holds the Central Labor Management Council at a Company-wide level, and Local Labor Management Councils at each business site every year to examine various conditions and share information with labor unions.

Additionally, we have setup conferences on overtime work, conferences on production plans, occupational health and safety conferences, and other regular councils to engage in a timely debate between labor and management.

NHK Spring and the labor union have also built fair and stable relations between labor and management and entered into a comprehensive labor agreement covering overall working conditions and labor-management relations for the purpose of corporate growth and a better life for union members. The labor agreement is published in both print and online mediums so that all employees can view the latest working conditions at any time.

NHK Spring has also entered into various other labor contracts, such as agreements on overtime work and holiday work (statutory) as well as agreements related to promotions, raises and bonuses.

At the Central Labor Management Council

At the Central Labor Management Council

Benefits Programs

NHK Spring has established a broad system of welfare benefits to help employees achieve stable livelihoods enriched with leisure time, including various forms of leave, dormitory and other housing, benefits package services (travel subsidies, etc.), a Mutual Benefit Association, a shareholding association, asset-accumulation savings programs, loans, workplace event subsidies and access to various health and welfare facilities.

We will continue to advance these efforts to enable employees to continue working with peace of mind.

Shareholding association system

The system was launched in 1970 as the NHK Spring Employee Stock Ownership Association, a welfare benefits program enabling employees to purchase and own NHK Spring shares. Having started in 1970 with an initial 500 members, its membership had grown to more than four times that number in 2020. Monthly contributions from shareholder members also increased more than 20 times. Incentives commensurate to contribution amounts are granted, which makes the association useful for NHK Spring Group employees in building up their assets.

Mutual Benefit Association

The NHK Spring Mutual Benefit Association was established for the purpose of promoting better mutual aid and welfare to members founded in the spirit of mutual aid. This system was established in 1974 through contributions from the company and association members.

Each year, labor and management meet to discuss revisions of benefit items, and in fiscal 2020, the birth celebration gift amount was increased to help counter the trend toward low fertility.

And with numerous large-scale typhoons and other natural disasters occurring in recent years, association members among the disaster victims have been awarded disaster relief grants.

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