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We deliver high quality products and aim to continuously improve delivery times, costs, and customer satisfaction as well.

Initiatives to quality assurance

As we keep an eye on environmental changes both in Japan and overseas, we work to maintain our standard of world-leading quality and increase customer satisfaction.

We also actively pursue international quality standard accreditations and operate our quality management system according to these standards.

● Important policies and specific efforts ●

Awards received from customers (fiscal 2019)

NHK Spring Group has received the following awards from customers.

Some examples of awards received from customers

[Some examples of awards received from customers]

Acquired certification from the international organization for standardization

NHK Spring firstly acquired the ISO 9001 international standardization certificate for the Atsugi Plant in 1996, and since then, all of our plants have acquired the ISO 9000 series certifications. In addition, we have acquired certifications for the strict IATF 16949 standards at our plants that produce automotive products. In addition to actively encouraging our domestic Group companies to acquire certifications, we are also taking on initiatives to acquire other international quality management systems certifications to overseas Group companies, such as the ISO 9000 series and ISO/TS 16949, according to the requirements of our customers and regions.

IATF 16949: 2016 certification acquired for42 plants
 [As of May 2020]

QC Circle Activities

Since 1965, we have been moving forward with problem-solving activities using a small-group structure (QC Circle Activities) as a means of improving the workplace through employees’ ingenuity and mutual education. In 1966, we held our first QC Circle Conference, titled the “First All-NHK Spring QC Effectiveness Case Presentation Conference.” The title was changed in 1978 to the “All-NHK Spring Circle Conference,” and has continued under that title since then. The 46th of these events was held last year (fiscal 2019), with participation by 13 circles including those from domestic and overseas group companies, who presented the details of their day-to-day work improvements.

All-NHK Spring Circle Conference

All-NHK Spring Circle Conference

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