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Partner Reporting Desk

Overview of the Partner Reporting Desk

Content of reports Violations of regulations such as the Subcontract Act, other types of violations, or suspicion of such activity.
Transactions that are in violation of the basic procurement policy such as unfair treatment.
Users NHK Spring partners
Report Handling Office Compliance Promotion Department (Corporate Social Responsibility Department)

*The Compliance Promotion Department is a separate organization from the Procurement Division and will respond to these reports. The information contained in these reports will not be disclosed or leaked outside of this office or used for any other purposes. The Corporate Social Responsibility Department Manager, led by the Director of the Compliance Promotion Department, is composed of members in the Corporate Social Responsibility Department bound by confidentiality obligations.

* Only the Compliance Promotion Department has access rights to reading the content of these reports.

Support Offered The Compliance Promotion Department will perform fact checking regarding the content of these reports and conduct necessary investigations. If the content in these reports is found to be factual, corrective action and measures to prevent recurrence shall be taken. The person who made the initial report will be given feedback on the investigative results and the resulting action taken. The Compliance Promotion Department may have to make inquiries in order to perform proper fact checking of the content in these reports.
Precaution We reserve the right to reject any reports submitted for matters not relevant to the purpose of this reporting system (personal slander, etc.) or for other false and fraudulent purposes.
Other Make sure to fill out all required items on the report form. Unfair treatment toward the person making the report or the partner involved shall not occur as a result of these reports.
Personal information regarding the person submitting the report will not be used without consent from the individual for any other person other than making contact regarding the content of the report and for providing feedback.

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