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Quality Assurance

We are building innovative products with a constant focus on improving quality from development and design through production.

Building innovative products with quality as a priority is the most important mission for NHK Spring. All of the NHK Spring Group has obtained ISO 9000 series and ISO/TS 16949 certifications in our effort to establish a worldwide standard quality assurance system. Quality improvement measures are taken at every step of the process to build innovative products with the aim of increasing customer satisfaction.

Various prevention techniques are utilized and thorough evaluations are conducted during the development and design stages to ensure high quality products. Production staging phases are prepared for smooth startup without major problems using the latest facilities and optimal production systems.

New streamlined methods are also used to deliver our high standards of quality. Consistent quality assurance is achieved by continually improving quality through thorough quality evaluations from all possible angles including FMEA, design reviews, quality checks at each step of the process as well as reliability testing and so on.

  • Inspecting and measuring precision machined parts
  • Forming coil springs with an NC coiling machine
  • Automotive seating assembly line

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