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CSR management system

Approach to CSR

In our Corporate Philosophy, we speak of "contributing to the development of an affluent society," and throughout our history, we have worked to meet our responsibilities as a company to society. We have done this in a wide range of areas. We were one of the first companies to become involved with the environment, and we have contributed to local communities for many years.

Promoting CSR

We have a Committee which functions for NHK Spring Head Office, and which sits below the Board of Managing Directors. It acts to facilitate discussion to enhance corporate values. We have a series of Committees which are at the center of the CSR activities of the NHK Spring Group. They are the Product Building Innovation Committee, which takes in suppliers; the Human Resources Policy Committee, which examines staff training and employment and other similar issues; the CSR Committee, which coordinates general CSR promotion activities including risk management; the Intellectual Property Strategy Committee, which looks after our patents and other intellectual property; and the Global Environmental Measures Committee, which encourages conservation of the environment.

Encouraging CSR

The Committees sit directly below the Board of Managing Directors. Heads of relevant departments are elected to the Committee to become involved in a broad range of activities, and actively consider how to improve them.

The responsible departments take the lead in conjunction with the different offices and Group companies in carrying out activities on the basis of the policy discussed by the individual Committees. They carry out a great variety of activities in cooperation with regional governments and suppliers.

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