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Corporate Governance

We have established a system of governance, to ensure that we conduct our business in a proper manner.

Basic approach to corporate governance

NHK Spring maintains sound management while aiming to heighten corporate value from a medium to long term perspective by building organizational systems and structures for management and introducing necessary measures.

Moreover, we have included the five points below to realize these objectives as basic policies.

1. We ensure the rights and equality of our shareholders while striving to put in place an environment that allows them to properly exercise those rights.
2. We work to sustain a good relationship by fulfilling our responsibility as a company to stakeholders involved in NHK Spring, including our shareholders, customers, partners, local communities, and employees.
3. We appropriately conduct disclosure based on the law while also independently striving to provide information other than that required by law.
4. We focus on evaluating agenda items according to the expert knowledge and experience of each of our directors on the Board of Directors to determine the best policies for management. We monitor the business management trends in addition to actively discussing even the management issues derived from those agenda items in an effort to execute the role of our directors and our responsibilities properly as the Board of Directors.
5. We work to conduct an appropriate dialogue with our shareholders. We also strive to raise awareness and share information according to feedback received by our managers and directors such as the opinions of our shareholders gathered through this dialogue.

Corporate Governance

NHK Spring utilizes the General Meeting of Shareholders and the Board of Directors as decision-making bodies. We adopted an executive officer system in 2005 and, as of June 27, 2018, have seven directors (including two outside directors). We also started appointing outside directors in 2015 to ensure the validity of decisions made by NHK Spring management in addition to the effectiveness in audits of that management.

NHK Spring utilizes the Board of Managing Directors and each committee as deliberative bodies. The Board of Managing Directors in particular is made up of a director, full-time corporate auditor, and the managers of each production and business division to facilitate an exchange of ideas between a small group of people.

As an auditory body, the Board of Corporate Auditors has appointed four corporate auditors—two of whom are outside corporate auditors—as of June 27, 2018.

Basic Policies of the Internal Control System

Our Group established the Internal Control System around the following:

1. Build a system that defines the legal regulations and corporate ethics all of our executives and employees must follow and promote compliance.
2. Refuse to engage in antisocial behavior and clearly state that there is no relationship with any antisocial forces such as organized crime as well as educate and raise employee awareness.
3. Identify risks related to Group companies and corporate activities as well as promote the prevention of those risks in advance through defined countermeasures.
4. Adopt a corporate management system for the purpose of efficiently expanding, checking and revising important measures defined in the medium term management plan at NHK Spring as well as some Group companies.
5. Understand the state of management of Group companies as necessary by deploying directors and auditors to Group companies and put in place a system to prevent unfair and inappropriate dealings.
6. Establish a system to provide immediate reports related to important issues and issues that influence legal matters, management and business performance by having auditors attend Board of Managing Directors meetings and strategic management conferences at NHK Spring as well as Group companies.
7. Exchange opinions regularly and as necessary between the President & Chief Operating Officers, accounting auditors, the Internal Auditing Dept. and Audit & Supervisory Board Members at NHK Spring and Group companies to ensure effective auditing.

Governance system

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