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NHK Spring Group’s CSR Philosophy

NHK Spring regards its corporate philosophy of “contributing to the development of an affluent society through the realization of an attractive corporate identity,”as the basis of our management policy.

NHK Spring has a wide range of stakeholders through providing innovative products in each of our primary business fields—automobiles, data communications, industry and lifestyle. We will meet the expectations of shareholders, investors, customers, partners, employees and local communities to resolve wide-ranging social issues as a trusted company.

We are strengthening our corporate governance to ensure that we conduct our business in a proper manner, and we aim to increase our corporate value from a medium to long term perspective. We are continuously raising awareness and enhancing an effective risk management system to facilitate higher recognition about compliance throughout the entire group. We will also always espect human rights and promote diversity in our human resources. In addition, we actively encourage global and local environmental conservation in-line with NHK Spring guidelines and action plans to co-exist and create harmony with the global environment in our corporate activities.

We updated our Employees Code of Conduct in May 2017 to encourage ethical actions by NHK Spring executives and employees and highlight actions prohibited by legal standards. Our fiscal 2018 management policy raises the promotion of thorough compliance and recognizes the importance of corporate ethics in our work to always thoroughly comply with laws and regulations in order to remain a company which continues to enjoy the trust of all its stakeholders. NHK Spring Group companies are found in various regions both in Japan and overseas. As our circle of co-existence with local communities and the world grows wider, we have endeavored to solve global social issues as a group from the perspective of medium to long term management strategies.


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