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NHK Spring Group’s CSR Philosophy

As an organization that expands business globally, it is vital to clearly fulfill Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and carry out initiatives to resolve a broad range of social issues widely present in society in order to win trust as a member ofthe international community.

This is why we have defined important policies related to the statutory, ethical, and social responsibilities to be fulfilled as a corporate group. The NHK Spring Group is committed to engaging in the five declarations below throughout the Group globally.

NHK Spring Basic Global CSR Policy

In May 2017, we established the Employees Code of Conduct based on the Basic Global CSR Policy to encourage NHK Spring executives and employees to act ethically as well as outline both actions that are ethical and those that are prohibited by law. We also bundled and clarified the actions advocated to employees in the NHK Spring Way to accomplish the mission of the NHK Spring Group.

Message from the Chairman of the CSR Committee

Realizing a Sustainable Society

Our mission is to contribute to the development of an affluent society through an attractive corporate identity, and the company’s guiding principles and corporate philosophy form the basis of our management policy in pursuit of that mission.

Through dialog with all of the many stakeholders surrounding NHK, including our shareholders, investors, customers, business partners, employees, and local communities, we are working to solve wide-ranging social issues as a trusted company that meets stakeholder expectations by building innovative products in each of our primary business fields—automotive,telecommunications, industrial, and lifestyle.

We are strengthening our corporate governance to ensure that we conduct our business in a proper manner, and we aim to increase our corporate value from a medium to long-term perspective. Toward that end, we are comprehensively raising awareness of compliance and enhancing an effective risk management system to facilitate higher recognition of compliance throughout the Group. We always respect human rights and promote a diverse workplace where employees can thrive. In addition, we actively encourage global and local environmental conservation in line with NHK Spring guidelines and action plans created to foster coexistence and harmony with the global environment in our corporate activities.

We established the Basic Global CSR Policy for the NHK Spring Group in June 2016 and updated the Employees Code of Conduct in May 2017 to encourage ethical business practices by executives and employees and clarify what type of actions are prohibited by law and company regulations. Fiscal 2020 management policy continues the focus on a targeted approach set in fiscal 2019 in which we promote compliance, recognize the importance of corporate ethics, and make every effort to thoroughly follow laws and regulations in order to remain a company trusted by all stakeholders.

NHK Spring Group companies are located in many regions of Japan and overseas. As our circle of existence expands from regional communities to the world at large, we are working as a Group to solve social issues globally from the perspective of medium to long-term management strategies.

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