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Initiatives to promote diversity

1.Basic concept

NHK Spring states its commitment to contribute to the development of an affluent society by always taking new approaches and fostering growth with action in the corporate philosophy. As a means to follow through with this commitment,we will promote a wide range of initiatives for the purpose of helping each and every person fully utilize their character and skills regardless of age, gender, nationality or disability.

2.Basic Diversity Policy

In the Group Global CSR Policy, NHK Spring states its commitment to protect human rights, advocate diversity, care for others and nurture people.

In order to support the rapid progress of our customers in an ever-changing society, while at the same time maintaining our company’s importance, we at NHK Spring will continue to promote the activities of diverse human resources under the slogan "Progress together, flourish together".

[1] Respect for people

We will mutually acknowledge differences in gender, age, nationality, disability, sexual orientation and diverse values, and respect the individuality of each employee.

[2] Rewarding organizational culture

We will promote the creation of a rewarding and fair workplace where each employee can maximize his or her individuality and skills and actively contribute to the organization

[3] Sustainable corporate growth

We will actively promote the participation of diverse human resources in order to build a corporate culture that generates innovation and change as well as the sustainable growth of NHK Spring

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