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CSR Information


Each individual employee strives to conduct himself in accordance with compliance.

Initiatives for Compliance

While we naturally comply with the law, we also genuinely meet the various demands society makes on us. The system is built to promote CSR under the supervision of the President with the Chief Corporate Officer of the Corporate Planning & Control Division responsible for each Compliance Officer providing guidance while the CSR Department in the Corporate Planning & Control Division acts as the promotional secretariat to realize compliance management.

Moreover, our Employees Code of Conduct defines the legal regulations and corporate ethics all of our executives and employees must follow. We thoroughly raise awareness about compliance not only in Japan but overseas via our President’s messages on antitrust compliance and prohibition of bribery as well as various training for our employees, including Group companies in Japan and overseas to promote compliance activities at a global level. In addition, we regular broadcast compliance communications and distribute case files as information that play a role in preventing compliance violations.

We publish a President’s message every November in the NHK Spring Ethics Monthly communication and strive to shine a light on compliance throughout the entire Group through efforts such as displaying posters and planning various events while raising awareness about compliance in the workplace.

Antitrust Compliance Lecture
Antitrust Compliance Lecture

Furthermore, we have put in place a hotline with the internal legal department and external legal firms for both NHK Spring as well as Group companies in Japan. This establishes a system in which employees are able to consult about or report internally their concerns. We are also gradually introducing this same system at overseas Group companies, including those in North America and China.

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