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Environmental Voluntary Action Plan

We have established the Global Environmental Activities Plan and Global Environmental Activities Guidelines for involvement in a broad range of global environmental issues. We published them in May 1993 as our Environmental Voluntary Action Plan. The NHK Spring Group draws up Environmental Activity Policies each year on that basis.

Global Environmental Activities Guidelines

Our Group’s Corporate Philosophy is to declare that our business activities will strive for harmonious coexistence with the global environment.

Global Environmental Activities Guidelines

Global Environmental Activities Plan

We identify important areas we should be involved in on the basis of our Global Environmental Activities Guidelines. We then set specific objectives and targets and plan what we must do to achieve them.

Main concerns

Global Environmental Activities Plan

Environmental Activity Policies

We are striving to address environmental issues worldwide from a global Group perspective based on the Environmental Activity Policies drafted every year. We research new measures toward ngoing energy savings and introduce and expand those measures horizontally to build on the previous year to achieve our independent target to reduce unit consumption of CO2 emissions by 1% or more in fiscal 2018.

In waste management, we continue zero emissions activities in Japan and promote restrictions in emissions by transitioning waste to useful resources. We also continue to improve the recycling rate at our overseas bases.

We will systematically conduct management of environmental load substances, support customers, maintain and update environmental equipment, and respond to facilities subject to environmental laws and regulations.

Environmental Activity Policies 2018

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