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FY 2018 Targets and Performance

We approach energy saving, reducing CO2 emissions, recycling wastes and reducing pollutants in production in a planned way, setting specific targets to be achieved.

Energy saving

NHK Spring has recognized the necessity of global environmental conservation since long ago and has been working in energy-saving activities. Since the 1990s, we have engaged in continuous debate at the Energy Saving Subcommittee under the Global Environmental Measures Committee. Presently, we also have a lively exchange of ideas at the CO2 Reduction Promotion Committee while always encouraging energy-saving activities. The unit energy consumption in fiscal 2018 increased 0.4% compared to the base year, but NHK Spring will strive to reduce energy consumption through new measures in the future.

Reduction in CO2 emissions

NHK Spring set up the CO2 Reduction Promotion Committee in 2008 and works to reduce CO2 with the cooperation of Group companies in Japan. We have designated specific reduction targets for CO2 emissions throughout the entire Group and work to prevent global warming. We reduced the unit amount of CO2 emissions 0.4% in fiscal 2018 compared to the base year. NHK Spring will aim for a 1% annual reduction rate by fiscal 2019.

Recycling of waste

NHK Spring also worked to reduce the amount of landfilling disposal of waste with the goal of achieving zero emissions and successfully reached this target at the Yokohama Office at the end of fiscal 2002. This became a company-side initiative in fiscal 2003 and was expanded and furthered by Group companies in Japan in fiscal 2005. Since fiscal 2010, we have maintained a 100% recycling rate. Furthermore, the amount of waste increased consecutively over two years due to an increase in production volume and waste generated from some valuables. However, we will spearhead improvements by improving production efficiency and revising waste processing in the future.

Recycling of waste

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