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Environmental Audit and Energy Conservation Diagnosis for CO2 Reduction

In order to appropriately implement environmental conservation activities such as CO2 reduction and zero-emissions efforts, we base our management of each business site on an environmental management system (EMS). We perform environmental audits and energy conservation diagnoses to gain an understanding of the situation on the ground, so that we can work to improve environmental performance and reduce CO2 emissions.

ISO 14001 and environmental auditing

The NHK Spring Group conducts environmental audits to verify that the EMS at each Group company is run properly in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard. We also work to ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations, improve environmental performance, seek out points for improvement, and otherwise improve management capabilities.

Environmental audits (internal auditing)

Internal auditing is led by persons who have completed specialized training.

In fiscal 2019, we conducted internal audits at each Group plant in accordance with ISO 14001 (2015).

Moreover, we held internal environmental auditor training courses taught by external instructors. This program has educated 19 ISO 14001 (2015) auditors in the Group to improve performance through the proper implementation of the system.

●Environmental management and environmental auditing

Environmental audits (external audits)

Inspections by external certification bodies are conducted to ensure that EMS implementation meets the requirements of ISO 14001 (2015).

The results of these external audits performed in fiscal 2019 found that each of the 11 plants was operating its EMS appropriately, that pollution was being prevented, and that continual efforts at environmental improvement were being carried out.

Fiscal 2019 external audits
8 plants (surveillance audits), 3 plants (renewal audits)

Energy saving diagnosis for CO2 reduction

NHK Spring Group conducts regular energy saving diagnoses. Consultants certified by the Ministry of the Environment as CO2 reduction potential diagnosticians perform site visits and interviews at company facilities, to develop new energy-saving measures aimed at sustained effective energy use and CO2 emissions reduction.

In fiscal 2019, energy saving diagnostics were performed at four NHK Spring plants and one Group company, resulting in recommendations of emissions reduction measures for the five plants.

Moving forward, we will work to spread reduction measures horizontally throughout the group while systematically performing diagnoses at each Group plant, thus improving environmental performance through efficient energy use and CO2 emissions reduction.

Energy saving diagnostics

Energy saving diagnostics

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