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Environmental Report

We have established the Global Environmental Activities Plan and Global Environmental Activities Guidelines for involvement in a broad range of global environmental issues. We published them in May 1993 as our Environmental Voluntary Action Plan. The NHK Spring Group draws up Environmental Activity Policies each year on that basis.

Our Global Environmental Measures Committee is at the center of our efforts to promote and implement our Environmental Voluntary Action Plan. Our continuous environmental activities follow the PDCA cycle.

As an organization, we are involved in protecting the environment, and we have gained ISO 14001 international certification for our environmental management systems.

We approach energy saving, reducing CO2 emissions, recycling wastes and reducing pollutants in production in a planned way, setting specific targets to be achieved.

We involve the entire Group in our environmental conservation activities. They are all engaged in reducing environmental pollution.

・Business activities and the
 product lifecycle
・Environmental accounting
・Managing and reducing
 pollutants etc

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