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Group company involvement

We involve the entire Group in our environmental conservation activities. They are all engaged in reducing environmental pollution.

Domestic Group companies

Energy saving

We have set a target to reduce the unit energy consumption 1% annually and conduct cooperative NHK Spring energy-saving activities with the base year set as fiscal 2009. In addition to furthering energy savings through efforts that include rationalizing production, we are striving to reduce CO2 emissions through measures that include thermal insulation of furnaces. As a result, we reduced the unit amount of CO2 emissions 4.6% in fiscal 2017 compared to the previous year and achieved our target. In addition, the basic unit of heating decreased year-on-year.

■Movements in target and actual energy consumption to sales

■Movements in target and actual CO2 emissions

Towards an environment-friendly society

The waste produced by Group companies in Japan during fiscal 2017 was 20,316 tons. We were able to recycle 20,277 tons. This improved the recycling rate from 99.6% to 99.8% by reducing the sludge from wastewater processing in fiscal 2017. Efforts to reduce waste reduction are also undertaken in the same way as NHK Spring. We reduced waste another 0.5% year-on-year thanks to the recovery of resources from waste and improvements to production activities. We will continue these various activities in the future.

Our aim was to achieve a recycling rate of over 99% between fiscal 2007 and fiscal 2009 at Group companies in Japan and succeeded in reaching this target by furthering zero emission activities.

As an example of recycling activities, Nippatsu Service at Group companies in Japan and Nippatsu Harmony separate and collect various waste at the Yokohama Office to encourage recycling and waste reduction.

■ Shift in performance in recovering resources from waste and the waste index

Weighing separate waste via the Nippatsu Service
Weighing separate waste via the Nippatsu Service

Overseas Group companies

CO2 emissions

The volume of CO2 emissions for overseas Group companies in fiscal 2017 accounted for 51% of the whole Group, which is the same ratio as the previous fiscal year. This breakdown shows a decrease of 2,000 tons in North America and an increase of 7,000 tons in Southeast Asia as well as 1,000 tons in China. In the future, we will further new activities to reduce CO2 emissions through energy conservation diagnostics of our plants and the expansion of energy-saving examples.

■Fiscal 2017 CO2 emissions by Group segment

Waste emissions

The basic unit for the amount of waste in Japan has a tendency to increase, and our overseas Group companies are also showing a tendency for an increase in the amount of waste.

The ratio of overseas waste for fiscal 2017 was 34% throughout all of the Group companies, but the emissions increased 2 points compared to last year. We will further resource recovery from waste through recycling activities on each site in the future because we are showing an upward trend of waste, especially in Southeast Asia and China.

■Fiscal 2017 volumes of waste generated by Group segment

Energy saving

Each company is engaged in energy-saving activities to mitigate energy consumption during production. We are systematically promoting improvement activities based on energy-saving examples of each company in North America and Southeast Asia.

We also are expanding similar improvement activities as were carried out in Japan even in other regions, to progress energy saving actions throughout the Group overseas.

■ Movements in CO2 emissions in overseas Group companies (10 manufacturing companies)

■ Movements in waste generated in overseas Group companies (10 manufacturing companies)

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