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Fundamental Research and Development

For the next generation, we are engaged in creative fundamental research and development.

Analysis of the locus of stabilizers
with the finite element method
NHK Spring is engaged in research on fundamental technologies that will be the core of the next generation.
In the materials field, we are extensively researching material properties such as metals, macromolecules, and ceramic materials as we develop new materials and surface treatment technologies.
In the processing technologies field, we are researching high-grade bonding technologies for different types of materials, and ultra high precision processing technologies.
In the analysis technology field, at the same time that we are using structural, thermal conductivity and fluid analysis by means of the finite element method (FEM) in designing and evaluating developmental products, we are establishing new analysis technologies.
In the diagnosis technology field, with full command of a high grade diagnosis system, we are applying it to product development and constructing new diagnosis technologies.

By building the most advanced research facilities in the world, we are engaged in creative fundamental research in order to foster emerging technologies in the next generation.

  • The hydraulic servo type strength testing
    machine enables fatigue tests at high temperatures
  • XPS analyzer enables analysis of
    chemical compounds on surfaces
  • Vibration analysis of HDD carriage
    with the finite element method
  • GC-MS analyzer enables analysis of
    microchemical constituents

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