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Applied Research and Development

In anticipation of changing times, we are moving forward with proactive, applied R&D to rapidly respond to customer needs.

NHK Spring is concurrently working on applied R&D directly linked to customer needs and fundamental R&D linked to the future.

In response to demands from the automotive and safety fields, we are engaged in the development of lightweight automotive suspension and cone disc springs which enable the isolation of high frequency vibrations, and in R&D on the safe structure of automotive seating.

We are also moving ahead with R&D for parts for hybrid cars which are now widely used, as well as for electric cars and clean diesel cars.

In addition, with a view to advanced data communications, we are developing machinable ceramics and contact probes used in next generation testing equipment for semiconductor devices and liquid crystal panels.

We are producing new products from our proactive applied R&D.

         Friction stir welding
      We are researching bonding technologies by friction heating different materials.
    • High thermal conductive
      metal based printed wiring.
    • 3D printer
      We are prototyping new products using 3D printers.
    • Hollow coil springs
      This is a lightweight coil spring made by using high strength piping.
    • Contact probe for testing
      This is a contact probe with very thin leaf springs arrayed on the micron order for the inspection of liquid crystal panels and semiconductors.
    • Machinable ceramic parts
      This is a new ceramic with micropore workability and the same coefficient of thermal expansion as silicon.
    • Ceramic springs
      Due to properties such as heat resistance, anti-erosion, electrical insulation and non-magnetism, these can be applied to fuel cells and semiconductor production equipment.

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