HDD Suspensions are crafted using stainless-steel, which support a head slider. Generally, suspensions are composed of a Load beam which conveys vertical load to the slider, a flexure which joins the slider and originates the flexibility of the suspension, and a baseplate which an actuator moves for track alignment.

Suspension Components Prior to Assembly


Assembled Suspension


Suspension mechanical accuracy has a lot to do with slider flying height, attitude and the resonance characteristics along with servo characteristics. To avoid damaging the disk surface by the slider contacting it when there is a shock to the drive, limiter functions have been added to suspensions and these designs take a major role.

Leading Limiter
Trailing Limiter

Suspensions originally supported wires which extended from the head-slider. In recent years however, wireless types have been replaced as the wires and flexures are now integrated. Wireless suspensions utilize an insulation film and the conductive pattern is then integrated on the flexure. Wireless suspensions allow for smaller form factors, reduced weight and better electrical properties.