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Precision springs are an essential part of many high-tech components. NHK has long supplied springs to the automotive industry, where high-precision, high reliability springs are necessary to maintain high engine speeds. In the computer industry, the trend toward "ultra-precision" is evident in products such as HDD and micro contactors. NHK's advanced processing technology enables us to meet the trend toward "ultra-precision" in the manufacture of precision springs and other components. In fact, we continuously set the standard for precision in industries where tolerance has been reduced from the micron to submicron level.
Wire Springs
Flat Springs/Products Made by Press Work
Functional Components for Automobiles

NHK's extensive experience and innovative applications of elasticity technology allow us to supply a wide variety of low-cost, high precision compression and tension springs with superior durability.   NHK uses its technological expertise in forming processes and heat treatment of ferrous and non-ferrous material to produce a vast selection of flat springs to meet customer needs.   NHK's advanced spring technology allows us to supply spring-activated devices for automobiles such as belt/chain tensioners,amrest adjuster and hinge unit for console boxes.
Functional Components for OA and IT products
Mechanical Parts for Hard Disk Drives
Micro Contactors

We also supply spring-activated devices for oftice automation and information technology products such as hinge unit for personal computers and televisions,one touch nuts.   NHK's cutting-edge technologies have been used for HDD parts. Those parts include Carriages, Clampers ,Base andTop Covers.   To check IC boards, NHK's probes feature a very fine and uniform configuration that has a lighter contact resistance and allows measurement of a wider range of frequencies than traditional probes.

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